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Kalispell Public School District 5
Wes Hines

Virtual Board Meeting Connection

Virtual meetings information will be posted here when needed.

Click Here to register (Zoom) for the January 24th 2023 KPS Board Meeting starting at 6pm.  

 **This meeting is view only and no interaction will be enabled (hand raise, Q & A, etc...)

Wes Hines

Help Support our Schools and Save on Your Taxes

ACT NOW! Donate to KPS by January 18, 2023 for a Dollar for Dollar Montana State 2023 Tax Credit!
As a Montana taxpayer, you can support Kalispell Public Schools and save money on your 2023 tax bill. If interested, the key is to act now before the donation cap is reached.

The Montana legislature-approved program (HB 279) allows every dollar of your donation or a corporation's donation to support innovative educational programs that directly benefit our district and our community’s children. Plus, you receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your state tax bill in 2023! There are $2 million tax deductions available statewide for public schools and donations are processed on a first come, first served basis by the Montana Department of Revenue


PDF LINK for More Detailed Information